Our coffee blend

Our roasters, based here in Hemel Hempstead, have invested great time and effort travelling around the World, visiting farms and plantations, and in some cases helped crops to harvest in order to offer a vast selection of the finest coffees and teas.

With over 80 years experience in the field, our master roasters have been perfecting the art of bean selection and roasting profiles to bring out only the best taste experiences. Being a roaster above all and that means they roast large and small batches of a variety of coffees every day. This constant roasting-on-demand ensures freshness and quality.

Our Organic Freedom Blend was created as a smooth all day espresso, delivering Red Current, Almonds & Dark Chocolate flavours. Through milk the flavour characteristics change to deliver Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Almond notes. The light Espresso roast style assures that there is no bitterness in the brew and the flavours of the origins are enjoyed to the full.

The Colombian Element is a Cosurca Grown at around 1200-1350 masl, this is a fully washed Arabica coffee with Dark Chocolate, Lemongrass & Almond taste characteristics.

Brazilian Santos 17/18 is a naturally processed coffee grown around the Minas Gerias mountain range at 1000 -1150 masl with heavy earthy and peanut characteristics.

The Sumatran element is a Blue Ling Tong fully washed coffee grown in the Lake Toba region, the tasting notes are of caramels, red currents & Dark Chocolate.

The Indian Cherry A Robusta is from the Chickmaglur and Koorg regions, Has Pipe Tobacco, Black Pepper & Peanut Characteristics.

All the coffees in this blend have been specially selected from Organic and Fairtrade Certified farms, this way we support the farmers who grow the coffee by paying more for our beans.

The benefit for us is that the coffee is grown naturally without the use of pesticides or chemicals to deliver a truly exceptional and ethical espresso experience.