Our second season of stocking the wonder-honey! Harvested by local beekeepers – this is the one you’ve been looking for!

Available in-store now

This local honey is produced in small permanent apiaries all located a few miles from Berkhamsted. The bees forage within a 3 mile radius of their hives collecting nectar and pollen from flowers, local crops and woodland. The resulting honey is harvested from the hive, filtered and packaged for sale by your local Beekeepers Cris & Collette.

Keeping our bees and processing the honey crop takes up much of our spare time and over the years we have built up a regular customer base of people who enjoy our locally produced honey. The carefully chosen apiary sites are located so as to enable the bees to forage both gardens and the open countryside, therefore the honey harvested by the bees reflects the broad spectrum of local pollens and flavours.